What to Expect

There is only so much that can be learned from a book, or a YouTube video.

Even if you are a motivated DIYer – there’s still much you’ll miss out on.

When you learn only by these methods you have a high possibility of developing poor technique or developing what I call “gaps” in your playing.

These gaps, and poor technique will hinder your learning down the road and something that should take a couple days to learn will take weeks! Worse, you might find that you hit a wall in your development and give up altogether.

I know from personal experience, see my About Me section for more.

My program is designed to make you successful at learning the drums, and continue learning them for as long as want. There is no ceiling on what you can do.

I can help whether you or your child are new to the drum set, or whether you already play the drums and are looking to learn more.


We will learn the drums first and foremost by having fun.

I will learn about you along with your interests and goals and we will work toward them. Along the way you will learn:

  • proper technique,
  • how to read music,
  • how to play in a band,
  • how to play to a click,
  • all of the essential rudiments,
  • and so much more!

Even if you’re a family man just looking to jam with your neighbor, we can get you going! As a family man myself I understand how difficult it can be to get any practice time in. I’m here for you just as much as the person practicing 8 hours a day.

If you’re a parent looking for a place for your child to develop a level of musicianship, as well as teach them the things that go along with drumming such as, self control, confidence, patience, and leadership I am here for you too!

I am convinced that anyone and everyone can and should play the drums! I have found my skills as a drummer to transfer into my daily life. They have helped me learn to be calm under pressure, confident in my decisions, balanced, and ready to tackle anything.

I’ve had students with a natural sense of rhythm and students without an ounce of it (seemingly). Guess what – They are all successful drummers, AND the ones who started with no rhythm are often better because they work harder.

There really is no limit to what you can do. Some people just want to learn for the sake of the love of the instrument and some people yearn for the life of a professional musician. Having been both, and everywhere in between, I can guide you on your path.

Email me or text me at 936-628-4091 today to get started. Your first lesson is free and you get a pair of free drumsticks!