Terms of service and Privacy Policy

I like to keep things simple. Simple is best for you and easiest for me. So let’s get this out of the way.

Privacy –

Any information you share with me via email, text, payment providers, or in person will not be shared with anyone other than myself, or my staff.

Terms of service –

Your first lesson is entirely free (unless you just, like, want to pay me). Every lesson thereafter will be billed monthly for each week of lessons.

Invoices for the month’s lessons will be sent at or near the first of the month each month, with the expectation to be paid within three days of receipt.

Charges for lessons canceled within 48hrs of a scheduled lesson will be subtracted from the following month’s invoice.

Lessons cancelled in less than 48hrs will be charged as usual, with a make lesson offered at your convenience.

If you have paid for an entire month’s lessons and decide to end your lessons within 48hrs of your next lesson, you will be refunded all paid for lessons.

Friends and family may sit in on your lessons at anytime.

You are responsible for bringing your sticks and any curriculum I have given you, or we have chosen to work through. I often have back up sticks and curriculum, but they cannot always be guaranteed.