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I know it can be a bit daunting, or even intimidating to take in-person lessons if you’ve never done it before. Its a natural feeling when experiencing something new.

I was nervous in my first ever drum lesson. My hands were shaking, my face was red and I was afraid of what my teacher would think of me. It was rocky but I got through it, and my teacher was great at helping me feel comfortable.

Part of my duty as a teacher is to make you feel at home and comfortable. I am here to help, not to shame you. We will learn to have fun and be comfortable before we learn anything else. Parents and friends are also always allowed to sit in to help make you feel at home.

I’m here for you to become a drummer and musician in whatever capacity you desire. I will challenge but never pressure you or you child.

Plus, the first lesson is free! There is no cost if all you want is the first lesson. I can offer it for free because I am that confident you can learn the drums.

Teaching Location: Red Leaf School of Music

Text me at 936-628-4091 to claim your free lesson (and sticks)or for more info such as availability or cost of future lessons.

IMPORTANT: Specify if you’re interested in private lessons or group lessons when you contact me.


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