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I’m not the best drummer in the world. I don’t have the fastest hands or the most chops. I’m not the winner of a national drum-off and I don’t have any real fame as drummer. I’m not a master of Latin or Jazz. I’m not known as some Funk guru, nor have played for anyone famous (as many of my friends do).

I do however, know how to be the hardest working person in the room, and I have enormous love for the drums and drumming which helps me to be more disciplined than many.

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My other passion is shoe making.


When I attended Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA I graduated 1 of 36 out of a starting class of 300+. I made it into the school by some miracle and everyone was better than me. Everyone. Even the first half who quite after only 3 weeks of classes.

I had to quickly learn to adapt or be swallowed up.

Having saved up my own money and taken out personal loans to get there – I was not about to give up. After embarrassing myself several times in front of class and having teachers literally laugh at me, I developed a rigorous practice routine. I practiced 8+ hours per day just to keep up with the barrage of curriculum I was being given on a daily basis from all 12 of my classes.

I learned that my technique was bad, my hands were slow, and I was not as naturally gifted at playing the drums as I had previously thought, which was an enormous blow to my ego. I guess we all need that sometimes.

As hard as it was, I can look back now and see that the demands and the stress from my time there was the catalyst for me to approach learning the drums differently. I had to learn many things quickly and it revolutionized my time during lessons as well as my personal practice time. No longer did I spend hours upon hours trying to learn something. I found a better way. I found that I could learn more quickly by doing certain exercises on the drum set AND by spending less time forcing myself to learn through taking breaks or coming back to something later that was giving me trouble.

Two years later I emerged as one of the few survivors of an intense program. Not only that but I was voted most improved by the staff out of all of my graduating peers. some staff members even said they were going have to watch out for me taking their gigs.

I also learned to have faster hands, better technique, and better time than many of my school mates. I didn’t go on to play for any large acts. Rather, I learned through trial and error that it wasn’t a fit for me to be famous, or pursue a gig just because it was prestigious. I instead, learned it was more important for me to accept gigs that were meaningful to me on a personal level. I always want my music to say something, to mean something, to last. An ultimately to help and to inspire and encourage people, which is what led me to teaching in the end.

I have been teaching since 2004 and I have taught my own techniques to all of my students in order to set them up for success. I teach them drumming in such a way they can avoid using poor technique and hours upon hours trying to learn a certain groove, technique or style. Don’t make the mistakes I made! Learn from an experienced teacher who loves to teach.

If you’re interested in learning the drums, no matter your skill level (or rhythm level for that matter), or natural ability, I can teach you.

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